Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Breech Baby

I can't believe I only have 5 1/2 weeks left! I'm so close to meeting my little man. My 34 week checkup was on Tuesday and he is still sounding very healthy. He is also enjoying a very comfortable upright position... About 4 weeks ago they told me he was breech, but that he still had plenty of time to flip. I really wasn't concerned at that point. So when I went in on Tuesday I asked if they would check his position. Unfortunately my doctor thinks he still is. She said they really should be turned by 35 weeks or your chances of him doing so drastically go down. That is this Sunday. She ordered a sonogram for my next appointment and if he hasn't flipped by then she will schedule my c section at 39 weeks. Ahh!! Not what I was expecting. I told Todd that I've had such an easy pregnancy that something had to go wrong, right? I guess if this is my worst case scenario, its not a bad one to have. I have been very blessed through this whole process. If we are looking on the bright side at least he won't have a cone head when he comes out. And my Mom will be able to schedule exactly when to come. And Todd will have just finished finals the week before.

Well I'll update everyone after my next appointment. Breech or not, I already love this guy.


  1. Savannah was breech for a long time too, but she eventually turned. Hopefully your little guy does too!

  2. turn baby turn! Here's to hoping all our babies get their heads in the right spots!

  3. it's getting so close!! so exciting! not gonna unexpected c-section was kind of amazing. you'll do great, and when you meet your little guy for the first time you will just want to die from happiness. love you! can't wait to see pictures of him soon!!