Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bulls vs Jazz

Todd and I went to the Jazz vs Bulls game a few weeks ago and had a great time cheering on our team...the Bulls!! Todd was super excited to watch Derek Rose show off his bball skills and I was pretty disappointed to see Joakim Noah on the bench -- I just love his hair! We were at Jerry Sloan's last game after coaching the Jazz 23 yrs! He had a pretty impressive career.  Bulls won 91-86...Go Bulls!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picking Up My Sista!!

My cute sister Shelby-Lynn just moved up to Provo!! I was lucky enough to sneak away for a weekend to go pick her up. Thank you warm San Diego, for being so nice to me while I was there. Poor Todd had to stay at home and work....somebody's got to make the mula! Shel moved in with Todd and I for about 2 weeks until we found her a cute apartment close by. Mom then flew up to help her move in and find a good cosmetology school. She will probably start school mid-March and I am super excited for her (although I already told her I am liking my longer hair and do not intend to be her model...at least until she knows what she is doing) Love you Lynn!!

Oceanside Pier

Lynn, Me, JD

Everyone including G-ma minus Todd

I made my Mom wear her hair straight one day! So cute!

One of my new favorite places in Oceanside - Yellow Deli

In the warm sunshine!!

Off to Tu-tah!!

Hello VEGAS!

Provo here we come!