Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ready, Set, Go...but after finals please!

After an accomplished day off, I am feeling much more prepared for this baby to arrive. Finally did some "nesting"...

  • house is clean
  • hospital bag is packed
  • laundry is done
  • little guy flipped - no more breech baby!
Now if he could just wait until finals to be over on the 10th! 

 Can you see his face with his arm going across his mouth? I think he is so cute already!

I think he wants out!!

 Sneak peak of the baby's room! Todd and my mother-in-law did an amazing paint job!!
Tuesday was a crazy day here in Urbana. I experienced my first Tornado warning, sirens and all. Luckily I was at work where we have a basement, but unfortunately I wasn't with Todd who was stuck in our apartment. We have one interior bathroom with no windows so the bathtub is really the only "safe" place to go. I had just started a haircut on one of my regular clients when the sirens started to go off. I'm pretty sure my co-workers were just hoping I wasn't going to go into labor. Luckily my client is a nurse so I told her she could help me deliver my little man :) I don't know how thrilled she was about that considering she has worked with cancer patients her whole career. We were in the basement for maybe 20-30 minutes and then it was over. We later found out a tornado touched down about 6 miles from our apartment. I feel very blessed nothing happened....this time. This is one thing about the mid-west that I can honestly say I really don't care for. When I came home after work I found Todd's hideout. I love the pillow, blanket, and sweatshirt. But most of all I loved that I found cookies and crackers in there too! Haha...glad he was prepared!


  1. nursery is so cute! your stomach in that pic is hilarious...i have never seen that.

  2. YAY! i am so excited for you jess! super cute nursery!