Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Mom, this post is for you and your stalking needs.

Todd and I had a great Valentine's Day. We celebrated the holiday the night before by getting chinese take-out and watching a movie at home. Our plan was to cook together, but by the time we were both home from work, we had changed our minds. We decided to try this new place called Siagon Cafe in Provo and it was delicious. Speaking of the Chinese food, I have a funny story to tell you. Todd loves sweet and sour chicken, so he ordered that. I love kung pao chicken which is a little spicier so naturally thats what I ordered. If you love kung pao chicken or have eaten it before, then you would know that there are little red chillies in it that you DO NOT eat.

Here is what they look like:

On occasion, someone will be careless and not knowingly eat one of these bad boys. And then they will regret it. As I pushed a chili to the side of my plate Todd dares me to eat it. I told him, "Heck no! They are spicier than you think!!" He in return calls me a wimp and so I of course dare him to eat it. He, not wanting to be a "wimp", cuts it in half and starts chewing. I am at this point laughing and tell him he is going to be sorry. After about 20 seconds he is crying... well tears are streaming. He will now admit that those are spicy and just for flavor! Haha! Boys are so funny when they try to act tough.

We had a great night together. I am so lucky to be his wife. We are very happy and can't wait to spend many more Valentine's Days together.

Here are some picture that I never posted from our ski trip to Vail and a fun night out bowling with Kari and Braden!


  1. I always laugh so hard when I see your mom's comments about your neglected blog on facebook--too funny! So glad you liked Vail! I still haven't gone skiing with the Dial side and I'm hoping to escape this winter without it...

  2. Love it! You are off of my naughty list!

  3. hope you all are the pics, and the chili story...robert did something similar a few years back when we were at the was hilarious...he almost died!!!

  4. that pepper story is too funny...boys ha ha!