Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guest Author

Jessica is asleep next to me on the couch. I've been watching Wednesday night basketball on ESPN and as I was checking our email, I saw something in our inbox about a comment on our blog. Which gave me the thought, why don't I make a guest appearance? After all, I put the Todd in Toddica, and people must want to hear my side of the story right? Right? Ehh, either way, you're going to hear it.

Life has been great. So great in fact, that Frosted Flakes has contacted us on being thei new cartoon characters. They're Grrrrrrrrrrreat! A couple of weeks ago, Jess and I ventured to Vail with the rest of the family to hit the slopes. Jess had never skied before so she was very nervous, but she ended up doing great. I even decided to take up skiing for the first time in ten years and loved it too. Our trip ended with a gondola ride up to the very top of the mountain (for those of you not impressed, Vail is way bigger than any resort here in Utah) and a nice run all the way down. Before this, Jess spent most of her time on the bunny hill, but after experiencing a full one hour run down the mountain, she is convinced that she is now a skier. Which I don't mind, cause she is pretty much the most attractive skier you'll ever see.

On monday, Jess and I went to the Jazz-Mavericks game. It was really fun. The Jazz dominated. I caught one of those balls they launched into the crowd. And Jessica had a great time rating the attractiveness of the players. Hey, whatever gets her to go to the games, I'm happy.

Hmmm, what else? Oh yeah, Jess and I each have new addictions of our own. Jessica is addicted to the Food Network. She loves the Paula Dean and that Southern couple who always say things like "hey y'all, toss a little pepper in the mix, okay y'all". Sadly, I can now name almost all of the chefs on the channel. This obsession of hers has turned her into a very impressive chef who wants nothing more than a fresh stable of ingredients. In fact, when we talk about hitting it big, instead of talking about how we'll be able to go on vacations and other fun stuff, she talks about how she'll be able to buy any ingredient she wants! What can I say? She dreams big. With all of her great cooking, though, it is very hard to work myself into St. Thomas shape. Bring on P90X!

I on the other hand am addicted to something much more healthy. Craigslist. Ever since I found a killer deal on this brand spankin new printer, I can be found browsing for other steals several times a day. I've even sold some of our stuff. Who would have thought that someone would really want to buy our old bath towels and a couple of unpaired socks? I'm just kidding, but I'm sure you could sell those things if you wanted. Craiglisters will by anything.

And now you've heard......the REST of the story.


  1. todd...i love it! you need to write more often!! so glad to know y'all are doing well..hope to see you soon.

  2. Toddy, you are my BFF! I now expect you to post to your blog daily to enhance my stalking enjoyment! You are a great writer! I love you and miss you tons!

  3. Nice appearance, Toddly. As for P90X, tell Uncle Tony and Pam Ba-blam I said hello. I got through one 4 week cycle and haven't been back since. Best of luck to you :) Love ya!