Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Gingerbread House

It has been so snowy here lately. Finally it is starting to feel like Christmas. And, to boost the Christmas spirit Todd and I made a gingerbread house. If you notice any sloppy parts, they're Todd's. After four hours of putting this house together and listening to my instructions on proper color coding, he just started slopping it on. At one point I just told him he could stop if he wanted. Anyways, we had a fun time putting it together! I love Christmas!!

You can tell the back is not as detailed... i.e. we got tired.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I know we are. Thanks for sending this kit to us Mom!


  1. JESS- thats looks so good! well i hope you and todd have a merry christmas!

  2. looks so cute! hope you had a great Chritmas! can't wait to see pictures! when are we doing lunch?