Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jacob Black

Confession: I am TEAM JACOB.

When I first read Twilight about 2 years ago I was not that impressed. Then I saw the movie and that definitely did not change how I felt. I thought it was a little cheesy and didn't love the line, "You better hold on tight little Spider Monkey". Well I waited until the last minute to read New Moon and told myself I would not watch the movie until I had finished the book, so I read it in 2 days...and loved it. I realized there were better things out there than vampires: werewolves. I liked Eclipse and am currently around page 400 of Breaking Dawn. So far I am still Team Jacob. My mom tells me my feelings for Jacob might change towards the end of the book so I am anxiously reading to find out. I have officially been sucked into the Twilight Saga. Typical, I know. I loved the movie New Moon. Todd liked it too. Can't wait until next summer to see Eclipse!!


  1. AAHH!! it does get so exciting to read.. i was so anxious to finish the series too!

    oh and p.s. that line almost ruined the movie for me... SO CHEESY!

  2. Ya. You're totally gonna switch to Team Edward after you finish. I did.