Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Signs You're a Bad Cook

This Picture. ENOUGH SAID.

After I graduated with a double major in making people beautiful I sat down with Todd and together we picked out some new recipes that we wanted to try. New dinners, cookies, and other desserts. I would have to say that overall I have done a pretty good job. Since then I have made red enchiladas, cheesy parmesan chicken, yummy pumpkin cookies, good teriyaki chicken, chocolate chip cookies from scratch, and great tortilla soup. I was on an amazing "cooking delicious things" streak, until today. Here is my first attempt at making Banana Nut Bread. If you didn't realize that this was a picture of banana nut bread...I understand; However, I will say that it surprisingly tasted good. It seems a little on the sweet side so my only guess is that I lost count of how many cups of sugar I added. Lessoned learned.


  1. anytime you add too much sugar, i think you get bumped up the ranks for being a good cook :) remind me to tell you about my most recent bundt cake experience sometime. maybe i'll put a picture up on my blog just so you can be validated that you are doing just fine!! Let's just say I had to use about 15 toothpicks to put it back together....

  2. Don't feel bad Jess...Gio and I were married about a week and I was boing some eggs...all I can say is that there was only black charcoal in the pan when I went back to check on them..Not good. We still laugh about it, 20 years later. Miss you!

  3. Jess, don't feel bad! Baking in Utah because of the high altitude is sooo tricky. It might take a few tries to get one recipe right. I always search online for Utah food blogs and use those recipes because then you know they're tried and tested in Utah.