Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vegas Baby - Date Night

Before I talk about vegas I must give you a tennis update... The morning after we played I woke up feeling pretty good except for a really sharp pain in my knee causing a silly limp every time I took a step. Other than that I was impressed by my lack of soreness. As the day went on, things changed a bit. I became so sore it was pathetic. We decide to take Saturday off of our "every day tennis goal". Thanks for understanding Toddy. We will start back up tomorrow, and I can't wait. Bring on the pain!!

So when Todd and I got married we decided that we would choose one night a week for "date night". After the wedding, honeymoon, and second reception in Chicago, we came back to provo ready to do so. Todd had the first week, and it was my job to plan the next. I really wanted to do something fun and different. As I looked up "fun things to do in provo" online (advice: trying to search topics such as this one in a search engine never helps) I realized there were not many new or exciting ideas. At that time I happened to look on a friends Facebook and saw her status which mentioned a cheap one night trip to vegas and 2 tickets to a variety show. It happened to be a really good deal so I decided to take it. I called Todd and told him not to plan anything for the weekend, I had a great surprise date planned. I came home from school, told him to pack his bags and we would leave the next morning. The whole night he continued to ask, beg, plead to know where we were going. Somehow I convinced him we were staying in UT :) And this is good for me. If you know me, you know its hard for me to keep a straight face when I am tricking you. Well once Todd found out where we were going the next morning he became very excited. When we got to the hotel they decided to upgrade us to a suite, no charge. Then after the variety show the host offered 5 dollar tickets to the Mesmerized hypnotist show later that night. We went and I seriously don't remember laughing that hard since, well, never. It was SO funny. Todd has the most awesome, hilarious, uncontrollable, contagious laugh. I think the guy sitting next to us enjoyed Todd more than the show. Seriously.

Here is a picture of us in front of the theater.

Here is another picture in front of the waterfalls at one of the big hotels
(can't remember which one)

On our way home we stopped at the St. George Temple and visitor center.
It is beautiful and Todd had never been.

After the vegas trip, we decided to make a budget for our date night... haha woops. We always joke about how broke we are. The other night when we started this blog Todd had me in tears laughing at the funny titles he thought we should name it. Here were some of his ideas:
  1. The Two Coupon Cutters
  2. We Go Out And Celebrate (only if we have coupons) - referring to my graduation dinner at Wingers, because we had a coupon
  3. Starving Students
  4. We Pay Rent with Gift Cards
Anyways, there were much more and I am sad I cannot remember them all. We actually have it pretty good. Don't worry, we don't live on the streets... yet. I'm just kidding. We are typical poor college students and are loving every minute of it.

My next date idea, dollar theater :)


  1. The St. George temple is my favorite. Someday you guys will have to attend a session there. It's beautiful inside! Love the blog! Love it!

  2. better be careful with the tennis frequency or your next date will be with the orthopedic dr. NOT a cheap date ( Tyler can vouch). :)

  3. sounds like you guys are having fun! that is a great date "night" i'll have to remember that one, though ours are far between right is hectic but fun.
    i love your blog too!!!!