Sunday, January 8, 2012

21 Weeks - Dallas Delay

At 19 weeks I felt like not much had changed...and then week 20 hit! It was as if my belly grew overnight. Everything has been going really well. I still love carbs and sugar = waffles/pancakes/french toast and syrup. Sometimes I get heartburn, but not too bad (knock on wood). My feet blew up like ballons when we flew to CA and stayed like that for a few days, but keeping them elevated eliminated the problem, thank goodness. The most exciting new thing is feeling the baby kick!! It started at the end of week 18. It is such an amazing feeling that is indescribable. I love it!! Todd, my mom, sister, and grandma have felt it too! I really have had such an easy pregnancy and I feel suped blessed.

On another note, Todd and I missed our flight from Dallas to Champaign so I missed my gender ultrasound appointment. I was pretty bummed at first, but we turned our delay into a mini vacation in Dallas. Luckily the Labrum's have some great family friends 20 minutes from the airport so we had a comfortable place to stay. We went and saw Cowboy's Stadium and The Sixth Floor Museum which is about the JFK assassination. I had never been to Texas before and the weather was beautiful. I rescheduled my doctor appointment Tuesday at 9am! We can't wait! Boy or Girl??!!!


  1. alright, you look much more pregnant in this photo than your 19 week pic.

  2. you totally popped! Yay! This makes me all excited.

  3. You have such a cute little bump now! Glad you're feeling good still!