Monday, December 6, 2010

Sorry Blog - You have not been my priority...

Last post: 4th of July. Pretty sad considering I have had time here and there to blog. Here is a quick update of things we have been up to.

Visited Chicago in July

Surprised my Mom for her birthday and drove down to CA!!

TODD GRADUATED!!!! I am so proud of him. He now has a degree in Economics! Both families were there to support!! Thanks for everyone who traveled to be there for the big day!

Lynn came to visit and we had a BLAST. I am still trying to convince her to move up here!!! DO IT LYNN!!

3 days before Todd took the LSAT he got a concussion and forgot almost everything. He did not know he had graduated from BYU or that he was about to take the LSAT. Lets just say this was a stressful time for us. He ended up taking the test and doing very well!! One more thing to be proud about. My husband is amazing!

Halloween!! I was a pirate and Todd was Pirate's Booty :) We also went on a Provo River Halloween Cruise with the cousins and had a lot of fun like always!

Sorry this is so long...Mom, I know you wish this was longer. I will be posting pictures from our trip to Paris/London, Thanksgiving with the family, and our Christmas Tree soon! 

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