Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lettuce Wraps

Carol and my mother-in-law, Sherrie, gave me this yummy recipe. It was super quick and easy besides going to 4 different grocery stores to find broccoli slaw. But it was well worth the searching!

Lettuce Wraps: (makes enough for 6 people)

2 cups chicken - cubed (2 chicken breasts) or more if you're a serious carnivore like my sister
1 cup craisens (chopped)
1 cup cashews (chopped)
1 can water chesnuts (chopped)
2 bags broccoli slaw - found on refrigerated produce aisle
1 bottle general tsao sauce - found in asian food aisle - so yummy
Lettuce for wrapping - romaine leaves or iceburg
Chow mien noodles for topping - we didn't have any and it was still great

Cook chicken, toss in all remaining ingredients in pan. Use as much sauce as you want to coat everything.

Hope you enjoy it as much as us!


  1. Okay...I have never even heard of broccoli slaw until this week when I had to get it for a salad recipe... now I have tons left in my fridge! PERFECT!

  2. Glad you found everything!!! Although I will miss the phone calls :)